How to Make Money Writing Online – The Easy Way

There are so many ways to legitimately make money online as a writer, but I’m guessing most people searching are looking for an easy way they can just throw some words out there and get paid – no gimmicks.

The one money-making idea I always talk about is affiliate marketing because that’s my personal favorite and it extends out through so many different platforms – but I’ve actually found something so much simpler.

While I am finding Instagram to be simpler than having a blog, you kind of need a lot of followers and it’s more of a marketing ploy in addition to affiliate marketing – not so easy if you just want to write.

I’m using Instagram to direct to my blog where I still review products and make affiliate sales – so I am still maintaining a website, which is a lot of work and requires for too much training for the average person to benefit.

If you aren’t interested in “all the trimmings” of owning and managing a website, learning how to gain traffic, and all that then I have an amazing find for you.

The Easiest Way to Make Money Writing Online

I looked into Vocal Media back in February and wrote an article then about how much of a good idea it seemed to be for writers who want to make passive income just writing and nothing else.

Easy Passive Income – Writing Articles for Vocal Media

I had minor proof at the time that you could actually make money over there, but I hadn’t really given it much time to add up.

Since that time I haven’t been feeling well (all covered in my spoonie blog), so I haven’t added any content there because I’ve been barely able to keep up with blogging through horrible pain, brain fog, and a million doctor visits.

But…I just checked back in on that one not-so-great post I put up on Vocal Media back in February and found out that it has been doing incredibly better than expected.

I would say they have definitely proven they answer the question for how to make money writing online as simply as possible.

20 Minutes of Work – 6 Months Later

I wrote my one test article on Feb 21, 2018, and just left it on to see how it would do.

Then I completely forgot about it until someone commented about it today and I went to check how it’s doing after 6 months of just sitting there with no attention from me.

make money writing online
It might not seem incredible at first glance, but let me lay it out for you.

Total Reads 668

Earnings from Reads $2.54

Okay, so $2.54 in 6 months I’m sure is making you think this is not your game – but please consider, I only spent 20 minutes throwing up one simple article (something the average writer could do in 10 minutes) and it is continuing to build and build, and make more and more money.

The best part is I don’t have to do anything and the stats get better as more people view it and like it.

vocal media stats
I write a lot of extra stuff that I never post on my blogs, and what I’m regretting now is that I didn’t throw all those up on Vocal Media as the days went on.

If I had posted a decent article every week my earnings could potentially be over $60 at this point – for random junk I was already writing.

If I had posted an article a day – a simple 30 minutes a day, with no website maintenance or comment answering, just plain writing – I could have potentially earned $460.

And it will continue to grow and earn more year by year as I leave them up there.

Truly Passive Income that Just Keeps Building

So let’s say I do an article a day that performs similarly (again just 30 minutes a day – or chill with your tea and make it an hour) – at the end of the year I will potentially have earned an extra almost $1000.

If you wanted to replace your job income and move into earning passive income that just keeps growing, it would just be a matter of creating higher quality work and more of it.

If I wrote 10 articles a day and they all performed the same as this one article, the potential for my first year of earnings is in the range of $9200.

But if I share those articles on social media and build more and more traffic – a few extra minutes after each article – and if I use a great SEO tool to help me get the best keywords to rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo – the potential is pretty unlimited.

keyword search engine
It’s not much different from what I’ve learned to do with Wealthy Affiliate, except that it doesn’t require me to do any extra technical work (learning HTML, plugins, and website building mumbo jumbo).

It sounds a lot easier and like an especially great idea for a spoonie looking for some extra cash.

And keep in mind, by the following year, all of those posts will still be earning me money while I add to the pot.

Within 2-3 years I could have a full-time passive income working only a few hours a day from home.

You should disregard what a few extra dollars a month can do to start with – but I’m thinking this is definitely great potential for a full-time passive income, so I’ll be putting more into it and sharing more success stories.

Bonus Money from Tips

Vocal Media has also introduced “tipping” which is a way for readers to give cash to the writers of their favorite articles.

I have yet to be tipped, but not a surprise considering I wrote a pretty lazy, trash piece.

If you want to write significant and helpful content that inspires people to tip, this is just another way to add some income on top of just readers and clicks.

vocal media tipping


Have you tried writing on Vocal Media yet?

What do you think?

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