This Etsy Seller Found a Super Creative Way to Make Money and Promote Awareness

Today I have been truly inspired, and I want to share that inspiration in the hopes that it helps you on your journey to be your own boss.

If you don’t follow my personal blog, you may not know I recently decided on my life inspiration and purpose – to spread awareness for endometriosis.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I think it’s important to have an overall purpose (outside of money) to motivate you – something that’s been proven and promoted by a lot of wealthy and successful people.

Since I have discovered my current purpose – to help young girls avoid the mistakes that lead to extreme suffering and disability – I am more and more motivated to work through my condition to achieve that purpose.

In digging around to locate my Endo Sisters and find some inspiration, I’ve found an Etsy shop that is a truly inspiring, and creative way to make money and promote awareness for really any cause.

Plusheez is a store created by Marci Hunter, who is not only hand-making cute dolls that people will like, but it is promoting awareness for various issues that many of us deal with and providing comfort to those in need.

The first doll that I came across – which of course stood out to me – was the endo doll – which is something I think anyone who suffers from severe periods would really enjoy.

And that’s not all, she’s got plushy doll/pillows that represent tons of possible disorders and situations in which one would need comfort – everything from gastric bypass to brain cancer – with a current inventory of over 160 dolls that she makes on order and a following of over 1,000 Etsy shoppers.

I’m not going to post all about the products on Marci’s page here – I saved that for my other blog if you want to check it out, or you can go directly to Marci’s store here.

But I just wanted to make a note of it here for anyone looking for inspiration.

Once you find your purpose – which maybe you already have – find some inspiring ways others are achieving that purpose and voila!

You can have an amazing business providing something that people actually need and want.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite inspirational quotes, let me know in the comments any inspiration you might take from this and can share with my readers.

meaning-of-life-picassoAs always – wishing you the best in achieving your goals to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

2 Replies on “This Etsy Seller Found a Super Creative Way to Make Money and Promote Awareness

  1. This is really interesting! I am surprised this doll is actually such a hit! (I checked out the etsy store) I had severe stage 4 endo for around 15 years (much better now, but still an issue) and over the last few years have been more involved in online forums and Facebook groups with women who also have endo and I feel encouraged that endo is been taken more seriously by the medical profession now and there is a lot more awareness and research going into it. I have mixed feelings about icons where people can identify with their problems however, because I wonder if they are helping to empower people, or are they reinforcing a kind of ‘victimhood’ to their disease? It’s a fine line. What do you think? I guess at the end of the day anything that makes people feel better is a plus, and everyone deals with this disease in their own way. I tended to be more of the private type I guess-but perhaps that was a mistake in hindsight? Then again, when I was diagnosed back in 2004, Facebook didn’t even exist! So I think we have a lot more information at our finger tips now…

    1. You pose an interesting question: whether an icon for illness contributes to a sort of “victimhood.” I have had similar views on illness, and even started to feel my blogging was a bit of drag – sharing a painful story is hard without feeling like a victim. That said, I have also always felt different because of my illness, it was something I wanted to hide about myself, and this left me unable to communicate when I needed to and the diagnosis took so many years to get. I think dolls like this can help younger people feel more comfortable dealing with an illness and maybe reach out for more help.

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