Want a Website Keyword Suggestion that WILL Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Every once in a while in my keyword searches I come across a tiny gold mine that I have no personal use for and I just feel so wasteful not sharing.

So I’m creating a collection of popular keyword search terms that I can’t personally use, in the hopes that others will write about them.

If you include these keywords in your titles and/or content, you will raise the value of your site in the eyes of Google and Yahoo and start to see some traffic.

Depending on the subject you happen to be writing about, you should be able to find a website keyword suggestion in my list below that will help you increase traffic on your site if you use it soon.

If you would like to do some keyword searches of your own or newly check any of the keywords below to see how they are doing, I definitely recommend Jaaxy as you can use it for up to 30 free searches a month without even adding a credit card.

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate so I have unlimited use of the Jaaxy tool and I find the value pays for itself at least 100 times over in almost everything I do – blogging, YouTube, website building, etc.

The keywords I have listed out below all have several hundred (or several thousand in some cases) people typing them into Google each month, with less than 100 website links or articles that match.


This means that the competition is low, and the demand is high.

If you want to go deeper into this, I do recommend trying the 7-day free trial with Wealthy Affiliate and getting through as much of their super simple certification course as you can before the trial ends.

It doesn’t require a credit card and it also gives you two free websites and domains to keep, and it’s really helped me get an understanding of how to build the traffic coming to my websites so I can essentially make more money.

Anyway, I decided to share these keywords because they aren’t relevant to any niche I am currently writing about and I’d love to see someone else benefit from them.

As always, I usually skip using those keywords that are not grammatically correct as that is what the Google SEO prefers. The ones in BOLD are especially desired and have little to no results populating on Google at this time.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about this in the comments – I’ll try to respond within the week.

**BOOKMARK THIS PAGE** I will continue to grow my collection here and hopefully watch some really interesting and helpful content pour into the blogosphere.

Jump on these fast before someone else does!


(updated 1/15/2019)

Please help me keep this updated by commenting if you choose to use any of these for your own website or come across any keywords you’d like to share.

I will include HOT TIPS and NICHE IDEAS at the beginning of each topic below that new bloggers can take advantage of, the keywords will be listed just below. 


HOT TIP 1: I see a real trend in people searching different options for a downloadable or printable protein rich foods list (I’m guessing it’s the Keto diet craze because ketogenic diet food list is also a hugely popular search term), but the search terms I’m finding aren’t necessarily all grammatically correct. I would definitely consider making something like this and somehow adding a tag or keywords for: high protein low carb foodslist printable

HOT TIP 2: If you are doing a diet website, I highly recommend searching for keywords under “how many calories,” because I’m finding all sorts of really amazing popular searches there, and I imagine you could riddle your website with little gems like this and really boost your traffic.

NICHE IDEA: There are over 7500 searches for “keto diet” leading to over 1200 clicks on average monthly on websites with that keyword, and only 157 available articles or links on the subject. There is definitely room for more KETO FOOD BLOGGERS!


best diet pill
what is the best diet plan
high protein low carb foods chart
high protein low carb foods list
protein rich foods for vegetarians
what are protein rich foods
protein rich foods list
protein rich food list
printable list of protein rich foods
low carb food list printable
high protein low carb foods
how many calories in a boiled egg
how many calories in an apple
iron rich foods list
high protein foods list
protein foods list
the best diet pills
best diet pills – I don’t want to promote this, but honestly maybe there’s a healthy option that works? Over 8000 searches with only 57 possible results!


HOT TIP: These are particularly great for affiliate marketing – even if the brands themselves won’t pay you to share links. If you have a fashion website you can always share alternatives or “cheaper options” for top name brands that are popular and use the trending keywords to get your traffic.

Some of these designers and items may seem obvious to you as popular searches, but the key is to know what competition there is on Google for sites that have those keywords. You would think “Free People” would also make the list as one of the most popular boho brands, however there are too many websites using keywords like, “free people search,” (a free website to look for people on) so the competition is HUGE to get to the first page of a Google search using those keywords.

RESELLERS TIP: If you wanted do that thing where you go to yard sales and thrift stores to find cheap designer stuff to sell online, (a popular work from home idea) I think it would be helpful to know which brands people are searching for as those are the ones that will get the most traffic and sales. While some may be more obvious than others, every month the trends change and using a keyword search tool like Jaaxy can really help to narrow down what designers to look for and focus on.

i.e. Right now might be a good time to add some Kate Spade wallets to your inventory.


kate spade wallets
kate spade wallet
ivanka trump boots
nordstrom dresses
burberry handbags
womens gold watches
prada sunglasses for men
popular mens watches
wedding hairstyles for black women 

HINT: fashion magazine – this may seem like a daunting one because there are so many fashion magazine websites, but seriously it’s not hard competition if you work at it. Go ahead and search it on Google and look at spot number five on the first page. It’s currently being filled by a career blog (much like this one), with an article listing the 8 top fashion magazines models should study, and it’s beating out the ACTUAL Fashion Magazine Facebook page which has over a million followers.


play games online for money
how to write a blog for money
legit online surveys for money
write a blog for money
online games for money
sell kidney for money
writing articles for money
fantasy football for money
starting a blog for money
sex for money 



where are summer olympics 2020
winter olympics 2020
japan olympics 2020
fantasy football for money
2019 can am spyder
used can am spyder/used can am spyders
used can am spyder sale

WOMEN/MEN (general)


how to talk to a woman
how to talk sexy to women
relationship advice for men
relationship advice for women


foot fetish tube – I don’t know what this is but over 4,000 people search for it monthly on average and there are only 47 possible options. I think it’s a website that has videos for foot fetishes and it will probably get the #1 spot, but you can certainly research it, write about it, and try to hit the first page if it seems to fit your niche….


Not to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but just thought I’d share one I came across in a search:

The word “porn” has an average monthly search count of 13,728,25 which is the highest I have personally seen (although I haven’t written about politics or celebrities, and I imagine there are some heavy hitters there, too).

This does not necessarily mean one should write about porn, although there are only just over 140 competing sites on Google, as obviously the top actual porn sites are going to beat you every time on the front page – just something to consider when choosing your keywords.

Don’t ask me why I was searching for this on Jaaxy, just know I write about a lot of random stuff.

Hot Tip: A lot of the hottest searched topics can just as easily be used to counter those who are writing about it.

For example, sex for money has over 9000 searches monthly and only 47 sites competing with it. Maybe you’re not trying to sell sex, but if you have a niche that advises men or women – it’s still a subject you could discuss that would help you pull rank in Google and Yahoo.


In general this isn’t recommended, but if you do a search for keywords you will note plenty of websites populate for them.

The way to use these best is by getting creative, although some writers will simply choose to have “typos” or write things that may not read well.

If you want continued traffic, it’s best not to make your audience feel stupid or think you’re stupid, with too many errors in writing.

However, it’s quite easy to get super creative and still sprinkle these hot keywords through out your writing.

KEYWORD EXAMPLE: “online surveys for money legit”

TITLE USE: Are Online Surveys for Money Legit?

Here’s another example I came across:

The keyword, “many calories egg” is a very popular search term with over 10,000 searches per month on average. Now, I’m going to guess there is some harsh competition for this one at the top because there are over 1700 clicks. BUT there are only 25 websites competing for this search term. So it’s fairly possible it could still get your article on the first page of Google. But how do you use it?

You obviously don’t want to go naming your article “Many Calories Egg” because it’s likely to cause more head scratching than clicking, but you could do an article on eggs that has a title like, “The Best Egg Recipes for Dieting” and then simply add in a section topic, “How Many Calories Egg Salad Has” and then throw into a paragraph, “How many calories egg salad has really depends on the type of mayonnaise you use.”

This, of course, can be done with any search terms if you know how to get creative with your words.



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