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Hello, I’m the BYOB lady at easybusinessbuilders.com. I created this website/blog after a bit of bad luck, to try to map out my attempts at making money online. 

I am currently a disabled, stay-at-home cat-mom and wife living in the United States. I went into the work world late in life after a devistating loss, and I’ve found it such a struggle to be a part of the typical working world. So now I work for myself. 

I’m also aware that job loss is at it’s highest right now so people are looking for communities and ways to fend for themselves in whatever way they can. In my experience so far, even if you only have a phone to start with, it’s possible for anyone to find a way to create an online business and be their own boss. I think I can share some insight if I can bring myself to blog about it. 

More and more I’ve found it difficult to leave my home or work a typical schedule due to my physical and mental limitations, and carrying on conversations with people is exhausting when you’re in pain. During the pandemic, it was almost a relief having to stay home, and I was lucky to have my online income to support me through that. 

I’ve had to fend for myself through frustrating health and financial obsticals and continue to do so from the comfort of my home and without the stress of answering to anyone else, with help from various resources I continue to find online. 

In my own journey to reach financial freedom working for myself, I’ve found some great resources that I wanted to share here in case they can help you. I believe in sharing both my failures and my successes so we can learn from each others’ actions and make the best decision for ourselves. 

I have adopted the tag line, “BE YOUR OWN BOSS,” as something that drives me both in my personal ideals and in life. Everyone has the capacity to live the life they choose, and I hope my attempt to find happiness by taking charge and finding the best resources to live by can be an inspiration for others. 

I welcome you to explore my blog and see if there is anything here that can help inspire you to reach your financial and/or personal goal to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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