My Vocal Media Review – As a Paid Subscriber

Oct 2021 UPDATE: Above is a screen clip of my actual earnings as of October 2021, for doing basically nothing since I posted my one semi-popular article on Vocal Media. I get to cash out every time I hit the minimum $40, which is every few weeks now that I’m a premium member, so I…

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What Business Can I Start with No Money? 5 Simple Steps.

It is an incredible time for anyone to make money online, because the virtual world is ever-expanding and free virtual “real-estate” exists for every type of audience on the worldwide web. What this means is that the “American Dream” of being your own boss is accessible to billions throughout the world, and can be achieved…

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How to Make Money Writing Online – The Easy Way

There are so many ways to legitimately make money online as a writer, but I’m guessing most people searching are looking for an easy way they can just throw some words out there and get paid – no gimmicks. The one money-making idea I always talk about is affiliate marketing because that’s my personal favorite…

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Easy Ways to Get or Make Things to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an amazing online marketplace for crafters, artists, and collectors, with a personal audience of almost 30 million shoppers who spent almost $3 billion on the site in 2017. Sellers and buyers alike appreciate the exclusivity of Etsy’s products, it’s not just any old yard sale or resale site. The products sold on Etsy…

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How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities

I see a lot of searches these days for “free work at home opportunities” or “legitimate work at home opportunities.” With the internet explosion of the last decade, there are A LOT of ways to work from home these days. More and more large corporations are closing their brick and mortar locations and moving to…

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