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Vocal Media Earnings

Oct 2021 UPDATE: Above is a screen clip of my actual earnings as of October 2021, for doing basically nothing since I posted my one semi-popular article on Vocal Media. I get to cash out every time I hit the minimum $40, which is every few weeks now that I’m a premium member, so I check here anytime I need a little extra cash.

If I decided to write articles every week, I’m sure I could be making a significant amount of money. As it is, I enjoy what I do with my other ventures so I leave that up to the real writers who are looking for ways to get paid for their work.

P.S. I get paid nothing for referring people to Vocal. I’m just sharing something I think someone can really turn into a great home business for themselves.

Here’s the background:

I wrote my handful of articles for Vocal Media ( prior to them starting their subscription service. One of these articles gained some traction through Social Media, and I was making about $10 to $20 a month on that one article alone.

The subscription service is only $9.99 a month and would take me from earning $1-2 per 1000 reads, to earning $6 per 1000 reads. The math was pretty simple, and I am now making more than double what I was making before, even after I pay for my subscription.

Do you need a subscription to make money on Vocal Media?

The simple answer is no. But once you have an article that is gaining enough traction to pay for it, not signing up is just flushing money down the toilet.

I get paid nothing but pennies through my ads on this blog in order to tell you this, so you can trust it’s likely true.

How do you write an article that will gain traction?

I’m sitting down and preparing to lay this all out for you in a more step-by-step format, please bear with my hyperactive tendencies to chase squirrels.

Here’s the basic concept:

The first and most significant way people get connected to your articles is by writing them in a way that allows Google search engines to connect the writing to what people are searching for on the Internet. You do this by using “keywords,” which are literally just the words people type into that Google (Bing, Safari, Yahoo, etc.) search bar.

But how do you know what keywords people are searching? You need a keyword search tool, and there are a lot of free options available. The one I use is called Jaxxy, and I wrote more about it here: free keyword search tool 

I think it’s safe to say, without using the keywords I found on Jaxxy and learning how to write a proper title, I wouldn’t be gaining traction on my articles on Vocal Media. I attribute 90% of my success on Vocal to this tool and I hope to present more about it soon.

Other perks of being a Vocal Media subscriber?

None that I can tell, so far other than more earnings per view and a slightly lower (from $50 to $40) cash out minimum. Even without the subscription I made the minimum payout after three months and just three articles. They have already added a higher level subscription with other perks and I’m just not there yet personally, but I imagine if you write enough articles that gain traction it will be worthwhile.

This leads me to want to advise you, I don’t really see a point in signing up right away unless your articles are being read. You will make a higher percentage of money in the long run, but realize that unless you are writing awesome articles daily you are not going to cover the subscription price.

So if you’re just dabbling, don’t bother with the subscription and just start writing to see where it goes. I’d love to hear anything you’d like to share about your experience with Vocal Media. Please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Best Wishes!

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