Wealthy Affiliate 2018 Is Better Than Ever at Helping Me Make Money

I am beyond excited at how simple and perfect my life has recently become as a blogger. It’s like the universe is telling me I need to write more and motivating me to make dreams happen. I may be over-glowing it, but I’m truly excited about the gorgeous face lift that my Wealthy Affiliate 2018 community has just gotten.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommended business resource for anyone who wants to make money now or in the future in any way at all. I’ve been here over a year and I love the opportunities and financial freedom I’ve gained from it. But with this amazing redesign, I’m just beyond excited to login and use it every day.

Wealthy Affiliate is to making money as what the alphabet is to a language.

I have been able to apply what I’ve learned in the WA community to at least 4 different and profitable business ventures, and dozens of personal growth concepts. More than just creating an affiliate marketing network to establish a valid income source that I can foster and grow to endless proportions, I’ve learned how to expand my thinking and understanding of how e-commerce works.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned much more than I honestly ever expected out of it. I am a skeptical person, but I am also a “tryer.” I really like to try things for myself before making a judgment. I have tried so many different platforms, jobs, and opportunities, it’s part of what made me want to create a blog just for that.

Out of more than 20 programs, resources, and courses I subscribe to, not including social media and meetup groups, Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that I use every single day and have stuck with for over a year. It is also the only one that has actually assisted with and taught me how to better benefit from every other thing I’m involved in.

I think Wealthy Affiliate is applicable to anyone who wants to put themselves out there and gain popularity, or earn money (same thing), in the online and virtual world.

The types of careers I’ve seen benefit from learning and using this resource:

  • Bloggers,
  • Entertainers including actors and musicians,
  • Foodies and chefs,
  • Affiliate marketers,
  • Promoters,
  • Writers (books and ebooks),
  • Online retailers (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • YouTube vloggers
  • Photographers

But even if you don’t already have a career, even if you don’t know what you want to do, but you know you want to be your own boss, this is the training and resource I believe can help anyone do that.

And, let me tell you, prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate, I was NOT tech savvy or in any way familiar with how things worked in internet marketing. I did NOT have a particular career idea in mind. I just new I was looking for the best way to make money online so I could be my own boss.

I have grown a lot in the past year in finding freedom and wealth in my life, and I owe a lot of that to what I’ve learned in Wealthy Affiliate.

Just a handful of things I’ve learned through Wealthy Affiliate:

  • how to build and design any kind of website,
  • how to write and edit website content,
  • how to generate passive income through a website,
  • the ins and outs of affiliate marketing,
  • how to apply affiliate marketing concepts to my Amazon store to get more sales,
  • how to locate a popular niche or topic to write about that has income potential,
  • how to locate popular keyword search terms to gain traffic and rank in Google (SEO),
  • how to gain further traffic on and through social media,
  • and how to create and monetize a YouTube channel.

And these are just some of the things I’ve taken advantage of learning over the past year, because between continuing live training and what the community of fellow affiliate marketers has to offer, there is so much more available.

Although I am certain I will continue to learn from this community forever, the tools and resources it has to offer are really the reason anyone trying to make money online should take advantage.

The Wealthy Affiliate resources and tools I use daily:

  • the Jaaxy keyword research tool,
  • the simple content editor with grammar and spell check,
  • the comment tool where I can give and receive comments on my blog posts,
  • the feedback tool where I can request feedback and advice from peers and successful online marketers,
  • the blogger feed to share my learnings with my Wealthy Affiliate community and followers,
  • and the chat tool where I can get questions answered and bounce ideas off the community.

Aside from the fact that my websites and domains are registered and hosted here, with a community that I get to bounce ideas off of constantly, the platform itself has tools and resources that have streamlined my career as a blogger.

And with the recent reboot, it’s gotten even better.

It is as attractive and as simple to use as any of the more addicting social media platforms, with some of my favorite updates being:

  • the easy-to-navigate, push button dashboard,
  • hundreds of easily-accessible, beautiful and free photographs I can save right into in my posts,
  • and the simple system for tracking my own visits, leads, referrals and sign-ups.

But the most exciting thing for me is the Help Center, where new people like you can find experienced marketers and online entrepreneurs to answer any question you have and put you in the right direction. This is important to me because as much as I thrive in this community, I want to see new people coming in do as well as I do.

Sneak peek:


It’s absolutely free to join.

For the premium membership, I’m fixed in at a great monthly rate, but I can’t believe they charge so little and wouldn’t be surprised if the price goes up someday soon because it’s worth so much more than the current cost.

But better than that, you can actually sign up and give it a try for absolutely no cost at all.

You can sign up for free and get two free websites, including domains and hosting, and you get a week to try out the training and chat with the community.

After a week you can keep your websites and continue to build them to help you make money, although it is my opinion that the premium membership is where the value truly lies.

But the great thing is, you don’t need to take my word for it. You can check out all of the above for no cost at all. You don’t even need to enter any credit card information or agree to future charges. Just select an email and password and take advantage of your 7-day adventure, absolutely free.

Click below to try it out!

When you do sign up, if you’d like some extra direction or help from me, please feel free to email me directly at jaime@jaimetalks.com. You can also private message me through Wealthy Affiliate under screenname PreshusLove, or through my profile: click here.


4 Replies on “Wealthy Affiliate 2018 Is Better Than Ever at Helping Me Make Money

  1. Hi, there.
    I’m very interested in starting my own Online E-Commerce Store but there are so many options out there. I know there are also heaps of scams too and I’m a bit wary to join up.
    Does Wealthy Affiliate have a free membership so I can have a good look around before paying any money?
    Cheers, Jeff.

    1. Hi, Jeff. Congrats on making the decision to start a business and work for yourself. There are definitely some courses you want to steer clear of, but most of the good ones do have a way for you to do a free trial. When you register with Wealthy Affiliate you will get to try out all the premium member perks for 7 days at no cost, but the membership and you first two websites are free forever. I would recommend registering and trying it out. You don’t even need to provide a credit card, it’s a free membership. 

      Wish you the best! 


  2. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 6 months now and I have seen the transition from the old to the new platform. This new platform is infinitely better than the old one. The difference between Wealthy Affiliate and its competitors, is that the owners really care about the upkeep and the relevance of the information and the training provided. I mean, the website started operating in 2005. Just imagine if what they taught then were still taught today; nobody would be successful. Everybody wants the latest technology and to keep up with its evolution. I can confirm from experience, that what you pay with Wealthy Affiliate is worth every penny, and more! I haven’t seen another platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi, Reyhana. I’m so glad you’re loving the experience like I am. I completely agree with your perspective, too. It’s great that these guys keep everything up to date for us. 

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