Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives

Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives

Many years back, I started hearing some of my friends talk about this thing called Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), a course that was helping them to start a business selling on Amazon.

That year I watched as my friends, one-by-one, began quitting their jobs so they could run their businesses.

I wanted in.

I asked a close friend about ASM and she said it had completely changed her life.

She showed me how it had helped her locate a product, get it manufactured overseas at a low cost, and get it selling like crazy on Amazon.

She and her husband had both been able to quit their jobs and were making about $30,000 in sales per month.

ASM Training video













The only catch was, the course was $5,000 and I didn’t have that, much less any money needed to invest in products.

I spent the next few years continuing to watch their business grow and wanting nothing more than to just do that course.

I again ended up in a conversation with my friend, who is now selling over a million dollars worth of products each year.

She said, “It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get started selling on Amazon in any way you can.”



She was referring to the huge growth and future growth potential with online retail.

So I went in search of Amazing Selling Machine alternatives so I could learn how to sell on Amazon.



I first attempted to learn all by myself just by searching for free information.

Using what information I could find in blogs and on YouTube, I taught myself how to find potentially popular products and get them produced in China.

I signed up for an Amazon seller account and tried to get my business started.

Unfortunately, getting a product produced overseas and then shipped here can have a lot of complications if you don’t have experience or training.

Things can and did go very, very wrong.

I ended up hiring a completely horrible freight forwarder and having my product get stuck. I had to pay a lot of extra money to get my product released and it took about 3 months to get it to me.

I set out to try paying under $1000 for my products and ended up spending over $2000.

In the meantime, I was paying for a premium seller account on Amazon and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I dived into the Amazon Seller University videos that were provided with my account and started learning the ins and outs of the Amazon business.

I bought some arbitrage from and did some practice selling in my store.

I made a listing and sent in my stuff to Amazon and they helped me sell, package and ship everything. It was easy-peesy.

But after all the associated fees and costs, I only broke even.

I kept reading about how others were having their Amazon accounts shut down for not following some rules, and I felt nervous and vulnerable.

There are so many rules!

I didn’t know how to grow or expand my business into something profitable from there.

I didn’t have anyone to turn to so I could get my questions answered 24/7. I needed a community and some tools, but I wasn’t sure where to find that.

I still couldn’t afford ASM, but I wanted to find something that would teach and support me so I could feel confident about the steps I was taking.

I didn’t want to waste any more money.



After much online research and comparisons of reviews, I finally landed on a course that I really liked. It wasn’t extremely cheap and there were a lot of people involved, so I knew it had to have some merit.

But it was about 5 times cheaper than ASM, and it had a monthly payment plan I could afford.

The program included a complete course with constantly updated material that walked me through building my store and making it truly profitable.

It didn’t promise fast results, but it had proven good results.

The ideas were simple and easy to follow, and they even had developed software to help with determining what sort of products are going to be viable.

It seemed to promise everything that ASM offered, but in a slightly different format and at a price I could afford.

The course I ended up taking and the community I still work with to help me build my store is called Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH).


ASM alternative


Marketplace Superheroes is a training program and community created by two Amazon moguls in the UK, Robert and Stephen, who have personally sold and helped others sell millions of products on Amazon.

As a bonus, MPSH has an amazing community on Facebook where I can get my questions answered by the creators personally, or by other members 24/7.

There is a lot of success I’ve found in the MPSH community.


marketplace superheroes

marketplace superheroes

marketplace superheroes

marketplace superheroes

marketplace superheroes


Robert and Stephen operate out of the UK, but the community includes hundreds of Amazon sellers all over the world. I’ve found a few contacts here in my state of Nevada.

The course continues to grow and continues to provide opportunities for people who are looking to build a business selling on Amazon and get out of the 9-5 grind.

If you do anything with this particular information today, I’d say watch their free webinar. At the very least, you’re gonna learn a lot about the basics of selling on Amazon.


marketplace superheroes webinar



After my success with Marketplace Superheroes, who I continue to work with, I did get signed on and am well into ASM 8 training.

I’m also working with mentors from that group, which includes all of my friends who originally took ASM 2 – 4.

I already have my business pretty well-built and growing. I’m making money through my business with opportunity to grow, but I really wanted to see if there was anything else I could learn from ASM that MPSH might not have offered.

Plus, there are so many great success stories coming out of ASM….

Have you watched Hutch tell his ASM story? It would inspire anyone.


hutch ASM success story


Surprisingly, while both courses deliver similar results, they are quite different and I’m happy to have the information from both of them.

MPSH takes an approach of building a global business, with the idea that you can open up to markets across the world selling simple and basic products that those markets have demand for.

It’s a program that will definitely get you there and get you stably selling the same products for years to come, with endless growth possibilities.

It might take longer than you’d expect, but you’ll come out an expert on the other side. 

ASM is an ever-evolving course that has changed with every release based on updates, successes and failures, from its members. This can be good and bad.

You don’t gain access to all the previous courses, but you do get a fully updated course that teaches the most up-to-date information for creating your own brand and selling on Amazon.

With both courses you gain lifetime access to all future information and updates.

The additional resources with ASM are pretty incredible and very well organized.

There are referrals to proven freight forwarders and deals for Jungle Scout that you gain by being a part of ASM.

MPSH is continuing to grow and does have recommendations for freight forwarders. They do work largely out of the UK so it’s great to have the resources for shipping my items to global Amazon facilities.

Did you know Amazon recently opened a fulfillment center in Australia for the first time?

amazon fba

That’s a huge market of people who can now have access to Amazon Prime. But if you don’t have product in Australia you’re missing out on that opportunity.

While MPSH isn’t focusing on Australia at the moment, the training I get from them is definitely helpful in creating and expanding my business to other countries.

A lot of their information is going to be based on their experience selling from the UK, but they have successfully built businesses in all parts of the world. So they’re going to have better information on taking your business global.

They are also constantly updating and growing their resources.



If you want to learn how to sell on Amazon, ASM will absolutely teach you how to do that and it will do it well.

In fact, even if you can’t afford it now, I would say it’s worth doing it once you’ve gotten your business going.

It never hurts to have more training and resources to help you grow, and ASM offers some great ones. 

While I have enjoyed and appreciate what I’ve learned through ASM, I have to be honest and say if you have a choice and money is the issue, spend it on a cheaper course that will at least get you started.

If you can afford ASM, go ahead and do it, but I still recommend adding MPSH as additional training on how to take your business global and make it more of a passive income.

However you do it, just start selling on Amazon, because you are missing out on a major opportunity.

The future of commerce is going to be online, and Amazon is leading the way.



Marketplace Superheroes creators, Stephen and Robert, are putting on a great webinar to give you full insight on their course and what they have to offer.

They also share some tips and basics about selling on Amazon that will be helpful whether you join or not.


The creators of Amazing Selling Machine also offer free training in 4 amazing videos that will outline how to be successful in your Amazon business.

Click the image below to register and get free access to this amazing training:


ASM free training


Even if you don’t do either of these courses, at least take advantage of the free training to get you started.

Whatever you do, just do something and free yourself from the stress of a restricting job working for someone else.

And let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or through our Contact Form.

6 Replies on “Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives

  1. What are the current costs associated with both MPSH and ASM?

    What are the current features and benefits of ASM that may justify it being more experience in your view?

    I am sure that there are many similarities between the two, and likewise I am sure that there are many differences between the two. As someone who has knowledge and experience of both, do you have a comparison grid that very quickly shows the differences and the similarities between the two?

    1. Costs for the ASM program are changing constantly, and since it’s released only every six months I can only refer to past prices that have ranged between $3200 and $5000. They do have a monthly payment plan, but I haven’t seen it lower than $900. 

      MPSH is just under $1000, unless you choose to pay $97 monthly for a year. In either case you get complete access for life, including any content updates. 

      The bottom line here is that each will get you to the point where you can have a successful business selling on Amazon. We are working on a side-by-side comparison that is more in-depth. Thanks for reaching out!  

  2. This is a really interesting review. I have always felt like I am a bit of an inventor but never knew of an easy way to get something manufactured. This sounds like a great way for someone to learn about the process of getting a new product created and sell it as well. I like that you have compared two different options to get started.

    I will be interested to watch the video and see what these programs have to offer!

  3. Hi Jaime

    Thank you for your post which I found really interesting. I knew about ASM but had never heard of Marketplace Superheroes.

    To be honest, with Amazon coming to Australia, which is where I’m based, there were a few people here selling courses on how to be successful with Amazon. Most were quite pricey. As you point out, it’s not just the cost of the course that one must pay, you also have enough to pay for inventory.

    Although I was tempted, I have always believed selling successfully on Amazon is quite a complex process which put me off.

    In addition it seemed to me as if every second person I spoke to was selling om Amazon so I was concerned it might be an over saturated business opportunity.

    What has been your experience in respect to these beliefs of mine?


    1. Hi, Mark. Amazon opening up in Australia is an amazing opportunity, and I hope to expand our store into that region someday. I definitely understand what you mean about how it seems complicated and everyone is doing it. It can be complicated at first, but it is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it, not unlike affiliate marketing. 🙂  I do think have some sort of training can really help with that, which is why I posted this. 

      As far as saturated markets go, I don’t think there’s a possibility at this time for too many people selling on Amazon. Online shopping is growing globally by the billions every year, just on Amazon alone. And a lot of sellers only stay within their own country, while there are huge audiences in the UK, Europe and Australia that not everyone sells to where you can find demand. Something else to note, not everyone who starts a business will follow through and be successful, because they don’t have the right training or they give up too easily. The competition is not as big as you think. 

      If you do want more information, I suggest checking out my other article: How to Sell on Amazon – An Easy Guide for Beginners

      Thanks again for stopping by! 

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