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If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business and you’re wanting to learn how to make money selling on Amazon, you really need to take this opportunity to get Amazing Selling Machine 9 while the doors are open.

Hello. My name is Jaime, and I’ve spent the last few years exploring options for starting home businesses online so I can recommend the best opportunities, and help people avoid the worst.

I suffer from chronic pain that has kept me from reaching my goals for myself and my family, both personally and financially for years. I’ve found some online opportunities that are helping me earn a full-time income working from home.

With all honesty I can say Amazing Selling Machine has helped me bring my dreams of owning my own business and working for myself to light in a big way. Because of that, I want to share it with others in my position or with anyone who simply wants to learn how to build their own business and work for themselves.


Have You Thought Of Owning Your Own Business?

All my life I’ve wanted my own business so I can work for myself. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working with others, but let’s face it, when you work for someone else you are going to end up having to do some things you just don’t want to do or can’t agree with. It’s the boss who gets to decide where they want their company, division or department to go.

Working for yourself, you get to decide not only what actions you take in business, but also when and where you get to do that. You don’t have to ask for time off to visit with your family, you just figure it out for yourself and do it.

It sounds like a dream, right?

The problem is that starting a business can be super costly and difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

california-culinary-academyI went to culinary school and even got my Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, leaving me with a $60,000+ student loan, but the fact is that I would need hundreds and thousands of dollars to start a truly profitable restaurant or B&B. I’m left with a huge debt and the ability to work for someone else.

I’ve thought about opening a simple store, a vintage thrift store or maybe a comic book store, but even then you need tens of thousands of dollars to stock up your inventory and pay the rent. Not only that, but more and more brick and mortar stores are closing since online shopping has become such a convenience for people.

I did try starting my own online store, but I was missing how to drive customers to my website. I have since learned a lot about building websites and driving traffic, but I’ve also learned it can take a lot of time and a lot of writing articles and posts, or a lot of money marketing through social media and so on.

Amazon is a marketplace that already has their own customer base. All you need to do is get in there with a product that is in demand and properly priced. There are millions of Amazon Prime members now who exclusively shop for products that are shipped from Amazon – and it’s only going to grow with Amazon opening its doors to countries around the world who are getting access to products for the first time ever.

While it does take some learning, you could conceivably have products available for sale to an audience that is demanding them within 8 weeks time through ASM.

The Cheaper Way to Start a Business

Selling on Amazon is a much simpler and cost-effective way to start a business. Your rent is simply the cost of your monthly membership: less than $40, and your inventory can be stocked one item at a time with a very small investment.
The costly part of starting this business is actually the training or any lack of it.

You see, selling online can be a tricky business. There are a lot of people trying to take advantage by selling various course options and services that you don’t really need. If you try to start this business without proper guidance, you could end up trickling out a lot of money that could have gone towards actually building your business.

I know all of this because I’ve been there. I saw my friends succeeding with Amazing Selling Machine, but I chose to try it on my own with various downloads and books, and eventually invested $1200 in a course that taught me how to sell internationally, but missed a lot of the basics.

Now that I’ve taken part in ASM, I know how well it works and the proof is in the results: I’ve since added 6 new products to my store and increased my sales from $300 for all of last year to $1300 by the beginning of April this year – that’s more than $400 a month!


While my numbers aren’t life-changing yet, keep in mind I can only work a few hours a day, if that. At most I put in between 3-10 hours a week for this business, including my training time.

It’s slow going for me, and it’s still working!

For those who have more time to put into it, they’re getting faster results and it’s pretty exciting. Either way, it’s growing a business successfully and allowing me to be able to work for myself.

Amazon Sales
This shows Amazon’s revenue growth – how much money in sales they are generating each quarter. It’s proof that Amazon has created a real marketplace where your store can receive the traffic it needs to get the sales you want. The only question is HOW? ….ASM 9 will teach you how.

What to Expect from ASM

The course is a series of videos released weekly. It’s done on a study-and-do basis, where you watch a video and take an action. Step-by-step as you watch each video and take each action you are physically building your business.

By the end of this course, if you follow the directions, you will have a fully functioning Amazon sales business including a business name and license, at least one product that you personally have manufactured for your store, an online store with Amazon that sells your product or products, and a complete marketing strategy in place that is helping your product sell. And you will either be profitable and viable, or you will be well on your way to becoming profitable and viable.

With knowledge you gain the ability to control the outcome. This course gives you the knowledge you need to build a successful business that you can run from anywhere.

In addition to the course itself, you will have access to resources for every single aspect of your business including freight forwarding, website building and design, product manufacturing, keyword research, etc.

You will also be able to join the ASM Facebook team where you will find people who are already successful and are very willing to help and answer questions. These people have been selling on Amazon for years and they’ve made all the mistakes it’s possible to make and they’ve come out the other side with fully thriving businesses.


Amazing Selling Machine Price

Because ASM releases a new course every 6 months, the pricing can chance. I can only tell you that it generally falls between $3500 to $5000 depending on how you purchase it.

That does seem like a lot of money for a course, but remember – I paid over $80,000 for my bachelor’s degree, and after grants and paying of my private loans, I still have over $60,000 worth of debt with the federal government. I have the knowledge to start a business if I want to, but I have no capital or means to do so.

$5,000 is not a lot to pay for every single resource and piece of information you will need to have your business up and running.

To get my business started this time, I wrote a simple business plan and got investments from my family that I am paying back. This helped me pay for my course and my initial inventory, which we are selling and reinvesting as we grow.

Some people get loans to do this. Let me tell you, it’s much easier to get a loan for under $10,000 to start a proven business model than it is to get one for $100,000 to start a risky restaurant.

ASM also offers a monthly payment system. It costs a bit more, but you could pay as little as $999 for 6 months and have your training and resources, including updated training, forever.

Money-Back Guarantee

As always, ASM offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. In the first 4 weeks of the course you will definitely see how much there is to learn, the resources made available to you, and where you can go with your business. It’s enough to decide if this is something you still want to stick with or not. Because they know what an amazing course it is that they are offering, they’re willing to take the chance and let you have your money back (no questions asked) if you still have doubts after 30 days.

In addition to the 30-day guarantee, they also offer a buy-back of up to $10,000 for any merchandise you purchased if you’ve completed all the steps of the course and don’t want to continue at that point. The fact is, if you complete the course you will have a successful business up and running that is making you money. But they’ll still be willing to buy any inventory you don’t want if you choose to end it.

Why would they make that type of promise?

Because the course really does work and will result in a fully operating, successful sales business that you can run from anywhere in the world.

My Bonus Offer

Because I really believe that this course can do what it says, having proven it myself, I want to make sure others succeed as well.

I’m willing to give my time as a consultant and website copy writer to help you market your products.

If you sign up for ASM 9 through the link on my website here, you will automatically receive the following:

  • 8 mentor email sessions, 1 after each course module or save them up to use whenever you need them. I will answer any questions you have personally by email to jaime@easybusinessbuilders.com, with follow-up emails until you are satisfied your questions are answered. – Value $50 per session
  • 1 personal 30-minute call or chat where you can ask me any questions or let me know what you’re running into and I will offer personal and proven advice to help. If I can’t answer your question to your 100% satisfaction, I will reach out to one of my 100’s of contacts who have successful multi-million dollar Amazon businesses and get you the help you need. – Value $100
  • Free WordPress website design for your business and 1 web page worth of copy for your first product release. – Value $800

Mentoring was offered to me when I first got started, but truthfully the course is so complete I did not need to use it. Just the same, not everyone has the same experience and you may run into questions, particularly when choosing a product. I want to be there for you to make those choices a little bit easier to overcome and ensure you get where you are wanting to go.

The website design is something special that only I am offering, and it’s not something you’ll find elsewhere. Using what I’ve learned through ASM in addition to what I already have been doing with website design and affiliate marketing, I’ve had additional success with having full-page spreads to release my products through my website.

This is something you will learn to do simply through ASM, but I’m willing to offer you a more advanced website design option should you choose to sign up through this web page. This is something I generally get paid to do in my free time, but I’m offering it for free because I understand the cost of the course alone can be a struggle and I want you to spend your money on what you need to expand and grow your new business.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Change Your Life

Amazing Selling Machine has been updating and releasing a new course, generally every 6 months to keep up with the best practices for selling on Amazon.

I was privileged enough to watch my friends completely change their lives through ASM 2, quitting their full-time jobs, and going from working for others to owning their own million-dollar online sales business within a couple years. I now have dozens of friends on board who are also quitting their jobs to work for themselves full time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back and wished I had taken the ASM course years ago. The important thing is, I eventually did, and now I have my own business that is expanding and making more and more money by the week.

If you’ve been thinking about doing this, don’t miss out on this brief opportunity to access ASM 9. We honestly cannot confirm if there will even be an ASM 10. So now is your chance.


Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about ASM or selling on Amazon, please, please, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I prefer people ask their questions in the comments so that everyone can benefit from the answer, but please feel free to email jaime@easybusinessbuilders.com. Myself or someone from my team will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow! Jaime, this is a wonderful post. It seems like Amazon is a good online marketing business.
    You have explained well how ASM works to make money. But about that $50 per session, is it paid after completing a lesson or how is it? I didn’t understand it well.
    Great is the work that you are doing.

    1. Hi, Gotola. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you sign up with ASM through my website, I will offer a free session WORTH $50 – ABSOLUTELY FREE! Once you pay for the course, there is nothing further you will have to pay to my to receive the list of bonuses I offer. I hope that helps to clarify. Best, Jaime

    1. Hi, Alan. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the feedback and I’m so happy to be able to provide a service. Best, Jaime

  2. Hi Jaime. I just stumbled across your website and have bookmarked it. Great stuff! I was wondering if the offer in this article is still available. Thanks, B.Toad

    1. Hello B. Toad!

      Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog post. Happy to help!

      Unfortunately, the doors for the latest Amazing Selling Machine have recently been closed but you should definitely get on the waiting list to be alerted if ASM becomes available again. They have historically been updating it every 3-6 months to stay on top of the latest with the growth and change of Amazon and retail trends although they only take a limited amount of sign ups at a time so everyone has an opportunity to be mentored to success. If you use my affiliate link and decide in the future to take the course – the offer in my article will absolutely still stand.

      Click here or copy this link into your browser: https://ki143.isrefer.com/go/vid1/Preshus/ to add yourself to the waiting list, if you like.

      You could also return to the blog post itself and use any of my links there to take advantage of the offer. I’ve been having a lot of fun building product and business webpages and getting products launched on Amazon. It’s still a growing and thriving business with the opportunity to create a truly passive income for anyone needing to get away from the 9-5.

      Feel free to reach out to me anytime at jaime@easybusinessbuilders.com if you have any questions. I answer these emails twice a week.


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