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Are you looking for an affordable ghost writer service?

Hire me to write your content.

My rates are extremely low for the level of quality you can receive, because I have to work at a pace that fits my disability and can’t always be “on demand.” If you have a tight budget and need a ghost writer, but your timing is a bit flexible, I am your girl.

My Experience and Skills

If there is anything I’m good at, it’s coming up with words and putting them together in a way that is easy to read. I simply love to write and come up with new ways to turn a phrase.

My passion for writing started young, when I became a published short story author, after being selected as one out of thousands of short story entrants in a Greater Los Angeles Public Library contest for teen authors. This opportunity led me to a mentorship with professional screen writers for Universal Pictures and a completed screenplay by the age of 15. My short story was published in my high school’s student journal, and my writing inspiration took flight.

I have over ten years of experience supplying corporate training facilities with training manuals and organization boards for varying departments and topics.

Most importantly, my work as a blogger and online entrepreneur over the past several years has taught me a lot about the flow of communication and what compels people to continue reading. I can develop communication for any audience, of any age. I can also write in various tones including, but not limited to, conversational, instructional, professional and humorous.

My Services

Here are some examples of services I can provide for you as a ghost writer, but I’m open to hear about any ghost-writing opportunities you have for me:

  • blog, article, or post writing
  • training manuals
  • short stories
  • books
  • scripts

My rates vary on a case-by-case basis, but I try to keep them reasonable and will work with you to fit them into your budget as best I can. Let me know what you need and what your budget is and I will let you know what I can do for you.

Get Ranked on Popular Search Engines

If you’re building a blog or website, I have subscriptions to the top search engine keyword locators needed to find the most popular phrases being searched for your topic. Including popular keywords and search terms with low competition will help your website rank faster within Google, Bing or Yahoo. Let me help you get your website ranked to the top page.

I offer single-post rates on Fiverr if you’d like to test me out on a single job and see how you like working with me:

Fiverr: I Will Write a Blog Post or Article

If you have a different type of job you’d like to discuss with me, please feel free to reach out to me by email and let me know what you need help with and what your budget is. I will respond as quickly as I can with a quote, usually within 24-48 hours depending.

Would You Like to Be a Ghost Writer?

Sometimes I get jobs I can’t do because I simply have too much going on or too many jobs coming in. Rather than reject these jobs, I’d love to have people with experience like me who I can reach out to for help.

If this is something you’d be interested in being on-call for, send me an email listing your credentials and any financial goals you have as a ghost writer.

Contact Me

I can be reached directly at Jaime@easybusinessbuilders.com whatever your needs may be. If you’re looking for a quote, please provide all the details you have for what you need and any budget limits. Please note response time is not immediate as my hours are random and varied due to my medical condition. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

6 Replies on “Easy Business Builders Ghost Writer Service

  1. Jamie,

    I’ve come by your blog many times, and your writing is very engaging in multiple topics: healthy, productivity, motivation, alternative healthcare, and so much more. You’re also very good with internet marketing, identifying niche topics and keywords to rank in search engines. A hiring manager in any business would have a huge asset by working with you on a writing project!

    1. Hi, Tiffany! Thank you so much for this feedback. It’s really nice to hear that. I lot of the training I use comes from the awesome community in Wealthy Affiliate, which also gives me access to the amazing Jaaxy keyword search tool. As much as I love writing, I really appreciate being able to do it in a way that both helps people and pays for itself. Thanks again for visiting my blog! 

  2. Hi there
    I love your site and your engaging writing style. You certainly have an interesting website.
    The comments you make about having to change your work life due to illness resonates with me. I did exactly the same thing after suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome for many years.
    I’m happy that you’ve been successful in doing it too.

    1. Hi, Ann. Thank you so much for visiting and giving such sweet feedback. I started my website with the idea that I could help people in similar situations by sharing my own journey. I’m so happy to hear you did something similarly. I think we can all benefit from learning from each other. I hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Wow, I might need your services at some time. It would be so nice to have someone get some writing done for me, leaving me to work on other projects for my site. I am going to bookmark this and think about what I might have you write. Can you write to say a “boiler plate”? A lot of my articles are written the same way, just with their unique information. I would want to keep the unity.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my web site. You can absolutely contact me at jaime@easybusinessbuilders.com if you’d like further help with this. I would definitely be able to conform to any writing style on your website. If someone already has a website with a specific writing style, I will study the current content to ensure the additional content is consistent. Looking forward to hearing from you and happy to help! 

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